MMD V-Series

MMD V-Series – A Marriage of Innovation and Design

MMD V-Series – A Marriage of Innovation and Design

The Mustang received a total facelift for 2015 with the launch of the S550 platform. Wasting no time, the MMD team got their hands on a 2015 Mustang and worked to transform it from stock to styling, calling it MMD V-Series. Taking the design cues from the new body style, the MMD team created a variety of new parts that work to enhance the body lines and styling of the S550 which bring out a much more aggressive and sleek appearance. The MMD V-Series Mustang exemplifies the innovative designs of the MMD team, in one beautiful package!

The Mods:

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  • Aggressive track inspired styling
  • Increases air flow to radiator
  • Injection molded TPO material
  • Simple installation - no cutting required
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  • Available in charcoal & matte black (shown custom powdercoated on project car)
  • Race inspired styling
  • Variety of sizes and finishes available
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  • Available in 2015-2016 factory Mustang colors or unpainted
  • Aggressive track inspired styling
  • Reuses holes left by factory fastback wing
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  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Tapered to accentuate the lines of the car
  • 4 Mil Wrapping Cast PVC Vinyl Material
  • Pre-cut for ease of installation
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2015 MMD V-Series Mustang At SEMA:

2015 MMD V-Series - Showcased at SEMA 2014 - Las Vegas, NV

The 2014 SEMA Show in Las Vegas featured a lot of Mustangs for the 50th anniversary of America’s pony car, and the MMD V-Series was right at the heart of it. The MMD V-Series Mustang received non-stop attention while at SEMA, with a crowd constantly gathered around it ogling all of the subtle and not so subtle details of the car. While the MMD V-Series Mustang was one of many custom 2015 Mustangs at the show, it’s aggressive and sleek styling made it one of the most talked about.