Project MMD

Supercharged 2014 5.0L GT Mustang

Supercharged 2014 5.0L GT Mustang

It's mean looking, it's low, and it puts down over 580 horsepower through massive 20x11" rear wheels. Project MMD is a poster child for a new age of American performance.

MMD and AmericanMuscle have teamed up to custom design and build Project MMD. Featuring over $30,000 in aftermarket parts and the overlying sleek, modern design MMD is known for, this is a one-of-a-kind Mustang that will serve as the perfect show car or daily driver for one lucky winner.

This custom Mustang started out as a way to showcase some of MMD’s most popular modifications, but once the opportunity to display the car at the 2013 SEMA Auto Show came along, the guys at MMD went back to the drawing board. They commissioned AmericanMuscle to handle the performance aspects of the car while they gave the entire platform an appearance overhaul. The end result was a successful showing at Forgestar’s SEMA booth and a few neck snapping trips around the Las Vegas countryside. +Read More

The Mods:

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  • Available in 2010-2014 factory Mustang colors or unpainted
  • Quarter window delete appearance
  • Easy installation - no drilling required
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  • Available in 2010-2014 factory Mustang colors or unpainted
  • Aggressive race inspired styling
  • Easy installation - no drilling required
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  • Available in 2013-2014 factory Mustang colors or unpainted
  • GT-R inspired styling
  • Easy installation - no drilling required
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  • Available in 2013-2014 factory Mustang colors, chrome, matte black or carbon fiber
  • Retro inspired styling
  • Easy installation - no drilling required
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Project MMD in the Media

Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords Magazine May 2014 Cover

It was a huge honor to have the MMD bagged, blown and wrapped Mustang featured on the cover of Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords Magazine. For the shoot, Project MMD posed on the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum, with the night time skyline of the city working as the backdrop. With a Mustang as gorgeous as Project MMD, the cover of a magazine was the perfect place for it to strut its stuff.

Project MMD has also been featured on the front cover of the AmericanMuscle catalog. The 2014 Supercharged Mustang GT was photographed in various places within the city of Philadelphia. The car has also been showcased on modeling MMD products as well as shown onsite within AmericanMuscle’s project car builds.

2014 Supercharged GT - Released & Showcased at SEMA 2013 - Las Vegas, NV Featured by Forgestar Wheels at SEMA 2013

Thanks to industry leaders like MMD, car customization is heading in a completely new direction—a direction empowers every car owner with the ability to modify virtually every aspect of their vehicle. Project MMD is the poster child for what can be done to a modern Mustang with a concrete direction for the design aspect and the will to see the project through. While it’s always better to let the experts tackle the performance modifications and tuning aspects of your car, design modifications like the parts offered by MMD can be completed in little time and by anyone equipped with a basic set of hand tools and a solid vision.

Project MMD went from being a stock 2014 Oxford While Mustang GT to an all-out show car worthy of inclusion in the world-renowned SEMA Auto Show with little actual effort. Most of the work that goes into building a Looker like Project MMD these days is in planning what the final design should actually look like, the rest is in sorting through the hundreds of styling parts and mixing and matching until you have the right combination. For MMD, that combination was a balance between classically iconic parts like the duck tail spoiler and more modern visuals like the contrasting matte white wrap and flat black BOSS roof decal. If you have the right vision, there’s no reason to doubt that your car could be the next Project MMD. +Read More

Project MMD Giveaway:

Handing Over the Keys

After building one of the sickest Mustangs around, MMD decided to giveaway Project MMD at the 2014 AmericanMuscle Car Show. In the months leading up to the car show, countless hopeful enthusiasts entered their name week after week for their chance to take home a totally customized Mustang. At the show, the winner of Project MMD was announced by none other than legendary hot rod builder Chip Foose, who handed over the keys to Texas native, Zachary V. Zachary was ecstatic to be returning to Texas with a completely unique Mustang to cruise around in!

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