It takes a bold, defining moment to spark industry-wide innovation. In the aftermarket automotive arena, that moment is owned by Modern Muscle Design (MMD). "You won't find another company successfully pushing the boundaries in car customization and performance-minded styling as far as MMD."

The automobile has always been one of man's go-to canvases for expression and artistic design, but until recently adding a personal touch meant following directly in another’s footsteps or fabricating parts yourself. With the rise of MMD and their complete lineup of retro and modern styling parts, the average car owner is now the artist—free to redesign the Mustang and create their own masterpiece.

After all, where’s the fun in letting the major automotive producers design your car for you? Only you know what looks best, and only you can design a car that truly represents your attitude and personality. Forget the mundane, run-of-the-mill Mustangs you pass every day; MMD has made it simple and easy to transform any model Mustang into a trophy winning work of art.

Combining the highest quality materials with their mission of transferring automobile design from the auto makers to the car owner, MMD has put out a lineup of parts that are built to exceed OEM quality while retaining the factory original look demanded by those modifying their ride.

Next time you’re walking into the grocery store and turn to lock your car doors, take a long look back and consider what MMD could do for you. With so many options at your fingertips and a fresh canvas waiting in the driveway, what will you create?

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